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Our Story
It's more than just delicious food or great coffee, it's about making beautiful memories that last forever. We are the #CapitalofHappiness
Our humble story began in 2003 with a single cafe and a team of 12 associates serving about 50 guests per day, which has since grown to 4 locations, with more than 100 associates serving over 800 guests daily.

Our Vision is to build a company that provides extraordinary value for the Customers, Associates, Community, and Owners.

Our Mission: To glorify God by offering a pap experience to our esteemed customers through serving differentiated espresso-based beverages and other fresh products in the greater Kampala and other cities in the region.

Our Values:

Customer Service: Crowning the customer through high-quality products, personalized service, and create an emotional experience.

Integrity: Integrity and professionalism underline our business model. To be honorable, ethical, and accountable in everything we do.

Teamwork: Build a highly engaged team by developing and deepening the knowledge and skills of our associates. Create a motivating environment to work in by fostering mutual respect and cooperation.

Quality: A Holistic quality approach is the cornerstone of our business. A professional team and operational excellence are the drivers of our differentiated products and services.

Creativity: Conscious that maintaining the best position in the industry cannot depend on past success, we continually develop innovative ideas to WOW our customers.

Relationships: Cultivate deep relationships through open and honest communication to make emotional connections with all our internal and external customers.

The Founding mother

“The future is about creativity and innovation, so we shall continue to invent new things that will propel us into the future, fully conscious that God has been faithful in the past, and so we are committing our future to Him.”
Born in a strong Christian family that cherished ethical values, Jolly upheld them throughout her childhood and work life. Her love for the Lord and heart for people became more pronounced when she started a coffee shop, CafePAP, pivoted on four major virtues: Christ-centred, Customer-driven, a heart for associates, and environment friendly. This humble journey began in 2003 with a single cafe and a team of 12 associates serving about 50 guests per day, which later grew to 4 locations, with more than 100 associates serving over 800 guests daily.

Jolly went on to lead the company to achieve a number of awards, such as the top 100 Fastest-growing medium-sized companies, as well as the International Quality Summit Gold award for excellence in business and operations.

Today, her legacy lives on, and her family continues to lead the organization through a focus on innovation and quality in the food and hospitality industry.
A few of her inspiring quotes
“As the Holy Spirit leads”

“Do your best, leave the rest to the Lord”

A tribute to Our Founding Mother
Jolly Ngabirano

WE strongly believe in giving back

Social Impact.
The CafePAP family strongly believes in giving back to its communities! We do this through working with well-established and responsible institutions such as Watoto church and the International Christian Chamber of Commerce, where regular contributions are made to support a number of community development initiatives. Specifically, these efforts continue to uplift our society through support of deserving children and families by providing necessities such as access to meals and health care.

We are also committed to sourcing in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Since 2003, Cafe PAP has been committed to creating partnerships for shared value, and therefore ensure to form strong relationships with the local coffee farmers from whom coffee is sourced, and support them by paying a fair price and supporting their coffee production.

Our social responsibility efforts do not end there! In 2019, we scaled up our commitment to the environment, by investing in high quality re-usable glass bottles through which our Jolly Juicery cold-pressed juice products are packaged and sold. This initiative has had a significant impact, successfully minimizing our waste caused by the use of single-use plastic bottles, as our patrons have the opportunity to purchase these re-usable glass bottles for their own personal use.
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